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A gathering of web nerds and design boffins

By Adrian Stein

For a couple of years now I've had the privilege of being involved in the Sunshine Coast Adobe Web Users' Group (wow, what a mouthful) or SCAWUG for short. I've never seen an uglier acronym, but don't let that put you off. 

Basically SCAWUG is an informal gathering where local web developers and web designers to get together once a month and chat. The good folks at Adobe are kind enough to pay for the pizza and beer, and they occasionally let us give away software prizes as well. We'll usually try to have a somewhat serious discussion and also a presentation from the more knowledgeable among us. Personally I've learned a lot just from rubbing shoulders with like-minded people in the same industry, not to mention some of the awesome presentations we've had over the years. 

The group rarely focuses on self-promotion or "formal" networking, with more of an emphasis on co-operation and sharing, which fits in with my own tendencies perfectly. So if you're a web developer or designer based on the Sunshine Coast, why not come along and join in? 

The group meets on the first Tuesday evening of every month in Maroochydore, so if you're interested in attending, drop me a line. Alternatively you can join our Google Group or check out our (somewhat neglected) website.