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New website design!

By Adrian Stein

After many months of procrastination followed by a sudden burst of energy, I'm proud to launch the new design of the Blackbird Solutions website. 

Although the old design was fairly respectable, it's been several years since I've redesigned so I decided to take the site to the next level. Older technologies such as Cufon and Drupal 6 were removed in favour of @font-face fonts, a fresh new Drupal 7 build, CSS3 transitions, and even more importantly a responsive design which means a consistent user experience across multiple devices sizes (e.g. tablet and mobile). 

As with any web project, I began by reviewing the site's web traffic data collected by Google Analytics, and doing a complete information sort discover which information was most important to my users. As it turns out, most of you are interested in cutting right to the chase - viewing my portfolio or hitting up the contact page. So those navigation items and elements were given priority over less important pages (e.g. 'About Us', or 'Blog'). Nice big buttons were also added to enable site users to easily get in touch or view the portfolio, and some pointless (but cute) visual elements were removed in favour of UX, ease of use, and functionality.

For kicks I also created a special feature in the background of the website, which utilised the Instagram API to pull in and tile random profile pictures in keeping with the 'Connect with Your Audience' theme, which creates an interesting visual mosaic.

The more experience I get building websites, the more I realise that a website is never finished - the ideal website constantly improves and adapts in response to the users. Customer enquiries have increased since the relaunch which is a fantastic result - it's amazing what can be achieved through a thoughtful design with an emphasis on user experience.