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Want to be at the top? It takes time, but proper website promotion and keyword optimisation is crucial for getting great results in the search engines. It's also an essential tool if you're building an eCommerce site. We have a proven track record in getting our clients to the top of the search engines.

We provide customised packages for your web promotion needs - this means we'll analyse your entire website, including (among other things), your website's structure, your current search engine results, your competition, page names and tags, link anchor text, your target market, the keywords you are targeting, and the keyword density on your pages. We'll also install Google's Analytics software which gives you cutting edge reports on how your website is performing. Based on those results, we'll perform actions such as optimising pages, changing your website's structure, tweaking your content, and arranging quality links pointing to your website to ensure your website keeps performing consistently in the long run.

We have several traffic booster packages available with no obligation or set contracts. However, the right solution for you depends on your situation and the current state of your website. Please contact us for a personalised quote on how we can help you maximise your web traffic.

More information about search engine results

There's more to getting high search engine results than just paid advertising. By creating a well-structured, naturally appealing site with meaningful content, which is valuable to potential customers, you'll generate organic interest in your products and services. Link farms and cheap, nasty online directories are a waste of time - only by offering a quality website, real information and genuinely interesting content can you attract and keep a valuable client base.

Exchanging links with good websites in your industry can be a great way to generate interest - but be careful who you exchange links with. Going crazy with meaningless link swapping will only be detrimental to your cause, and Google is not stupid - faking link popularity simply doesn't work in the long run.

After you've made a fantastic website with meaningful content, then you can start thinking about online marketing. Online advertising campaigns such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or viral marketing can be an excellent way to supplement the natural visitors to your snappy new website. We believe in return on investment - and advertising is no exception.

From keyword density, to meta tags, to reciprocal linking programs, website optimisation and adwords campaigns, we've been down every track and we know all the pitfalls and tricks in online marketing.

If you're looking for a search engine professional, a web designer or developer, it's easy to feel a bit lost amongst the noise. Fortunately, the kind folks over at the Australian Web Industry Association have put together a couple of documents which might help out:

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